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Our Vision, Values and Objective .

Our vision

  • Is to provide high quality care for our patients, be a great and inclusive place to work and make the best use of our resources in the delivery of services

Our values

  • Describe what is important to us, the culture we aspire to create and how we will behave

Our Core Objectives

Providing high-quality care for our patients

  • We will deliver timely care to ensure that the most unwell patients are identified and seen as soon as possible after their arrival.
  • We will work with patients and patient groups to achieve a reduction in the number of complaints received about our services.
  • We will improve our compliance against our incident response times
  • We will implement actions in response to the Care Quality Commission inspection in November 2022 to ensure that we have addressed the breaches of Regulation notified by the time we are re-inspected in Summer 2023
  • We will improve the patient experience of our services
  • We will improve our patient safety culture

Being a great and inclusive place to work

  • We will ensure that all our staff are managed and given development opportunities in line with best practice.
  • We will recruit staff into substantive posts and reduce the reliance on self-employed, bank and agency staff.
  • We will improve staff satisfaction as measured by the staff satisfaction and patient safety culture surveys.

Making the best use of our resources in the delivery of services

  • We will maintain financial viability and sustainability
  • We will work with commissioners during the final quarter of 2022/23 to agree capacity and demand and associated resource requirements for the delivery of services in line with national and local specifications
  • We will ensure that we are making the most appropriate use of all staff groups within our UTCs and reducing the risks associated with a significantly doctor-delivered service
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